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A wide selection of cremation memorials are available. A short while after the cremation a brochure will be sent to you to guide you and your family if you wish to make a choice of a lasting memorial. These include personal rose memorials, shrubs, plaques, wall niches & ash graves.

The tranquil Columbarium and Pavilion are areas where a lasting memorial after cremation can be placed. This can be in the form of a Wall plaque or Niche in which the cremated remains can be placed. A Woodland Glade is available for the scattering of ashes.
If required, cremated remains may also be brought from other crematoria for scattering or to be included in any of our memorials.
Cremated remains can be collected soon after cremation has taken place. Wooden caskets can be purchased to contain the cremated remains. Otherwise, they are released in a polytainer and a special bag, together with the certificate of cremation. If you do not wish to collect the remains yourself, your funeral director may be able to assist you.

Floral tributes can be placed in the chapel at the time of the funeral service, and afterwards placed outside on the flower forecourt for viewing.Parking is available around the chapel building and new washroom facilities are at the rear. There is a flower stall available near the main gates at Sebert Road.

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